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ID Status Platform Start Time End Time Duration (s) Session Profile
4744 Passed Docker: 0d976ee6debc , Host: agentx20 2019 11 12 06:56:54 2019 11 12 06:58:33 98 python_2.7

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Commit Branch Commit Author Commit Date Subject
c0624b4 HEAD, master Alexei Ciobanu 2019-11-12 06:51:05 Enable offsets in axes ticks. Also use scientific notation for the exponent in the offset.
Test Submitted 29 days ago by: Aaron, Project ID: 4

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Test ID Status Test File Path Test History Duration (s) Output
78041 Passed phaseplate.py History 5.057049 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78051 Passed snells.py History 2.026484 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78036 Passed env update --name=brumsofttestenv -f=environment.yml -v History 58.592742 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78039 Passed setup.py install History 3.7965 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78043 Passed bayer_helms.py History 4.316059 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78045 Passed snells2.py History 4.816192 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78053 Passed beam_trace.py History 2.527351 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78044 Passed ligo_tune.py History 15.864504 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78042 Passed test_unicode_printing.py History 5.550066 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78052 Passed test_lambda0_beam_param.py History 2.528682 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78054 Passed test_maps.py History 2.528979 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78059 Passed test_deepcopying_references.py History 1.526835 STDOUT, Data, STDERR