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ID Status Platform Start Time End Time Duration (s) Session Profile
4746 Passed Docker: c7664493424a , Host: agentx20 2019 11 12 06:56:56 2019 11 12 06:58:33 97 python_3.6

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Commit Branch Commit Author Commit Date Subject
c0624b4 HEAD, master Alexei Ciobanu 2019-11-12 06:51:05 Enable offsets in axes ticks. Also use scientific notation for the exponent in the offset.
Test Submitted 29 days ago by: Aaron, Project ID: 4

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Test ID Status Test File Path Test History Duration (s) Output
78050 Passed bayer_helms.py History 4.822037 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78038 Passed env update --name=brumsofttestenv -f=environment.yml -v History 61.007666 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78040 Passed setup.py install History 3.532582 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78048 Passed ligo_tune.py History 13.135043 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78049 Passed snells2.py History 5.327334 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78047 Passed test_unicode_printing.py History 5.8223 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78046 Passed phaseplate.py History 4.04649 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78055 Passed beam_trace.py History 2.52732 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78056 Passed snells.py History 2.027591 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78057 Passed test_lambda0_beam_param.py History 2.275015 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78058 Passed test_maps.py History 2.278383 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78060 Passed test_deepcopying_references.py History 1.525396 STDOUT, Data, STDERR