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ID Status Platform Start Time End Time Duration (s) Session Profile
4773 Passed Docker: 05950d07f2c7 , Host: agentx20 2019 11 14 22:01:20 2019 11 14 22:07:55 395 Unit

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Commit Branch Commit Author Commit Date Subject
55a2f78 HEAD, master Samuel Rowlinson 2019-11-14 22:00:47 fixed missing tem normalisation in analytic comparison of cavity_scan validation tests
Test Submitted 27 days ago by: Aaron, Project ID: 14

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Test ID Status Test File Path Test History Duration (s) Max Rel. diff Data Files ? Output
78340 Passed test_kat_parser.py History 2.025042 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78303 Passed env update --name=brumsofttestenv -f=environment.yml -v History 259.208896 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78328 Passed setup.py install History 83.255614 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78331 Passed .best_install.sh History 18.332601 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78333 Passed __init__.py History 1.788248 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78334 Passed test_kat_parser_legacy.py History 2.537837 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78335 Passed test_abcd.py History 2.818894 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78339 Passed abcd_analytic.py History 1.273113 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78332 Passed test_path_tracing.py History 3.321383 STDOUT, Data, STDERR
78336 Passed test_paths.py History 3.827697 STDOUT, Data, STDERR